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Skunk Studios
Skunk Studios vouch for high quality and creativity for all medium or platform managed by Skunk Earth Entertainment. Co-founded by Ahmad Afiq Salleh & Feroz Faizal in mid 2011, they unite technical skills with creativity artistry to create most genuine unique work at the studio. We as the "Skunk Earthians" believe that we have a strong & creative team. We work efficiently and systematically in the effort of extending our business to another miles.

In mid 2013 , Mr. Mohd Zaid Yusoff as senior player in the entertainment industry joined forces with the Skunk Family as partner. With his experience and skills in music, the combo levelled up Skunk Studios production to realized the execution of our mission which is to extend high end services and professional fun to all creative clients.

Although its a competitive industry , we have already developed our creative style and signature lair , providing our clients with compelling work and performances.

Our offers and our credibility with high credentials from precendents will ensure you to trust us with your ideas. So lets fun it !!,

*****Our Recent Work*****

**Dubbing & Voice Over**

"In Bahasa Malaysia"
- National Geographic (Docu)
- National Geographic Wild
- Top 20 (Season 4)
- Top 20 (Season 5)
- Idaten Jump (Animax)
- My Love Madamme Butterfly
(Korean Drama)
- My Blessed Mom
(Korean Drama)
- Incarnation Of Money
- Finding Stuff Out (Discovery Kids)
- Crafty Kids(Discovery Kids)
- Salarm (Media Corp , Singapore)
- Chakia & Sneakers
(Media Corp , Singapore)
- Mickey Mouse Club(Season 1& 2)
- House Of Mouse (Disney)
- HBO Movies
- 'Mad Sepak' (Skunk Studios)
- 'Tangisan Pasir Salak'
(Kay Broadcasting)

*Commercials & Corperate Videos

"In Bahasa Malaysia"

- Ministry Of Health NCD Video
(August Creative Hive)
- Dulu Kini Selamanya
(Pop Art Media)
- TIME Telecom International
Network Official Lauch Video

* Voice Prompt
- Garmin GPS (GARMIN)
- E-Islamic Audio Book
(Darul Andalus , Singapore)
- Lif (KGDynamics)

- 'Psiko Pencuri Hati'
(Location Sound)
- 'Gila Baby' Coming In December
(Audio Post)
- 'Maulana AF T.V'
by A.Aida Production
(Location Sound)

- Festival Film Malaysia Nomination
For Best Sound
"Qaish Dan Laila"
"Budak Kelantan"

Total : 14

Malay & English
Haji Zullastree(M)
Malay & English
Fadhil Luqman(M)
Shamsul Cairel(M)
Malay & English
Fauziah Nawi(F)
Malay & English
Norina Yahya(F)
Malay & English
Alan Bligh(M)
Adam Aliff(M)
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