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Elbstudios Audio Postproduction

Elbstudios Audio Postproduction is a Hamburg based full service audio production for motion pictures. Our services include Location Recording, ADR, Restoration, Foley Recordings, Sound Design, Music Composition, Music Recording and Mixing up to 5.1 Surround with diverse metering systems to meet international broadcast standards. Of course we have a huge database of voice talents for your project at hand.

Our meticulously designed recording rooms provide a flat frequency response, a RT60 of 0,15 sec and a noise rating of NR5. We love to do voice recordings with Brauner Phantom, Neumann KM Series, U87 or DPA 4060 – depending on the desired aesthetic.

We work for clients as Activision, Berenberg Bank, Campari, Germanwings, Gilette, Henkel, HTC, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, MTV, Mustang Jeans, Nintendo, Nivea, Seat, Suzuki, Telekom, Tom Tailor and numerous independent film producers and directors.

Total : 2

Margit Sander(F)
Roy Gablinger(M)